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30 July 2011 @ 07:08 pm
AM2 - Day 4 + random stuff  
Okay probably nobody bothers reading but a few of you I'm posting anyways because I feel satisfied when I do lol.

Day 4

We all woke up early and tried to check out on the TV but it didn't work.

"Resort Asses" LOLOL

Then we went down and checked out. After my roommates left for the airport, I waited at the lobby for my friend to answer my text. Well, after a long wait, she replied and told me those guys won't pick me up at the hotel so I'd have to go to LA myself. :/ After some long thinking, I asked the front desk how to get to the LA Convention Center an they told me I'd have to get taxi since I don't have a car. Taxi's $85 =_____=. That's more than taking the Greyhound bus back to SF, which I should have done. Yeah I'm so dumb, but I didn't want to leave Gloria alone with those guys because I bet she'd be bored. Anyway, I took the taxi and halfway there, Gloria tells me the guys will pick us up and told me to go to her friend's house instead. Well, of course the ride won't cost 85 anymore, but $138. I was so mad.
After a while, I got to her friend's house, which was a really beautiful one. Inside were some antique furniture, a grand piano and other fancy things. The guy had a cat too, the cat kept running outside and coming back in the house. She was very adorable and she seemed to like me too! XD She frequently came near me and jumped on me or next to me. I didn't hold her because I wasn't sure of the proper way to hold a cat. This was my first time being so close to a cat. I also went to the bathroom on the first floor (they had one on the second floor but I didn't want to go up; the kitty litter was also there. Oh maannn did it smell. XD

We waited really long time and those guys still weren't here, seems like they were still at the hotel because they were waiting for the bellboy to bring them a cart for their luggage. Wtf you're all grown men and cba to carry your own shit? Ice...
We were upset at them and told them if they weren't gonna be here in the next hour, we'll just go to LA ourselves and figure out a way to get home. Gloria was going to Anime Expo with her friend so I had to go home myself. I decided I'd take the Greyhound bus home. After waiting for her friends to get ready, her friend drove me to the Greyhound station and they went to AX. I bought my ticket and waited so long for the bus to come. And it was hot, even shittier. The bus came late, and I was angry because when it didn't come at the correct time, I was so fucking worried that I could not go home; I thought I might have wasted $65 and have to beg those guys to get me home. But anyway, it came and I was sooo relieved.

I'm glad the bus had outlets so I could charge my phone. I was disappointed the wifi on the bus didn't work though. :| There was also this troublesome guy on the bus, he kept walking around while the bus was in motion and bothering people. At least he didn't bother me, but the poor guy behind me was. He was doing his math homework and the guy walking around said he'd help him and he kinda did but not really. He basically just said a bunch of crap like, "Don't be afraid of the fucking problem" and shit or whatever, I don't really remember. Then that student said, "If you're not going to help me, stop bothering me." Somehow it turned into some stupid argument of racist stuff, like "Stop trying to be white." or something (they were both black). Ughhhh what the hell. But I congratulate that student for keeping his cool the entire time. The bus driver gave him a warning, and next time he'd be kicked out. At the next stop, I don't know what happened but he was trying to start a fight with another passenger, nothing happened. The bus driver kicked him out of the bus. I was so glad because he was getting on my nerves.
After that mess, the bus was finally peaceful. Halfway to SF, the bus stopped at Burger King for 30 minutes. I didn't buy anything because I didn't want to spend any more money.
We arrived at SF at about 1am. My parents picked me up and we went home.

Okay now for the fun part.
Random stuff

Bought this from the store at the hotel lobby. Sooo I paid $5 for them to microwave a frozen dish lol. At least it tasted decent.

My roommates trolled some anime fans at the hotel.
"Anyone else here for AM2?" if you can't see what it says.

h.NAOTO booth gave us free tissue lol

GIRUGAMESH'S ROADIE YANO LOLOL. He's the one on the right. Here's him if you don't know who I'm talking about: http://twitpic.com/5w48z3 Lol man it was so amusing seeing him there.

There was an Indian wedding going on at the hotel and I think this was probably theirs. Man those women's saris were gorgeous! All sparkly and shit *A*

My friend's passport lol.

And also one time at the hotel near the pool, we saw this man going to pool and one of my roommates wanted to follow him because he was hot lol. He looked really familiar to me but I couldn't figure it out at the time. Later when we saw Mint (Sixh) at the con we realized that guy was him. Lmao we were laughing so hard.
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