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30 June 2011 @ 08:31 am
Trip to LA/Anaheim  

The original plan was that the guys would pick me up in the afternoon and head to Golfland Sunnyvale, some game arcade and miniature gold course. But I didn't want to stay there for so long and besides, I wasn't done packing up ><;. My friend Gloria went with them though, and she was stuck there lonely and bored because like me, she has zero interest in arcade games. ;C
I arrived at the arcade around 9:30 I think? I just walked around with Gloria being bored. The arcade closes at midnight, and we stayed till then. =__=
We headed for LA at around 12:30-12:40 probably. Hated how both our drivers smoked. One of them even smoked and drove at the same time.
After a while, we stopped at a gas station to rest. When we got going, they switched drivers. Later we also got gas for the car, it was close to $5 for a gallon because this was a luxury SUV and it needs premium gas. =__=
During the ride, I kept sleeping and waking up. Around 5am we were in Southern Cali and were greeted by the LA traffic. Mr. Driver also sped a few times and i was quite scared.
And they dropped me off at the hotel first and Gloria next at her friend's house.

Well anyway, fucking excited for the next two days!

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エイミー( 。>艸<): 司/R&R13akai_byara on July 1st, 2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
It's not a tour. I had some high school classmate and his friends drive me down there and they were the ones who wanted to go to the arcade.